When Michael Walters set out to pay homage to Dame Edna in a fully-staged parody performance, he wanted to leave the audience with a bit of his own magic in addition to Edna's trademark "caring and sharing."



As a seasoned musical comedy actor, Michael knew he wanted THIS Edna to sing. To do this, a slight addition to Dame Edna's life story was needed.



In his research, walters discovered that Dame Edna had a fourth child who was kidnapped from her cradle by a feral koala. In his show, Walters uses this as a jumping-off point:



"...Possums, before my baby Lois was taken, I was a real Australian singing star! My career was just taking off when little Lois was ripped away. It was then that I lost all the strength to keep singing. I just couldn't share that vulnerable part of myself anymore, so I vowed that I would never sing again unless it was in the voice of a mother in agony. Recently though, a miracle happened! I was watching a show called Britain's Got Talent, when an eerie sense washed over me. As I witnessed this frumpy, messy woman waddle toward the microphone, I felt a cosmic connection. Then, when she began to sing, what I heard was the voice of my younger self. Possums, My daughter is none other than Susan Boyle!..."



Now that Baby Lois has been found, Dame Edna can share her musical gifts with the adoring public in Walters' shows which feature several thrilling Broadway numbers. 



To hear Walters' music via the jukebox widget on his website, click HERE! 

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