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"The closest thing to enjoying Dame Edna Everage’s outrageous comedy on Broadway is to laugh ‘til you cry over Michael L. Walters’ Dame Edna!



"Loving and uproarious! A dead-on homage to the famous saucy aussie!"


– Provincetown Magazine


"A theatrical tour-de-force!"


– Orlando Weekly



"I have not laughed so much or so hard for such a long time!"


– Vallarta Tribune



"I can't remember when I've had so much fun! The Laughter is non-stop! And Walters has a singing voice you will remember forever. Prepare yourself for major goose bumps. When I left the show my inner soul was soaring! This is an absolute MUST-SEE SHOW!"


–Ron Sharp



We had never seen any version of Dame Edna before and had a wonderful time. The show was funny, biting and a tad delightfully naughty. Absolutely loved the spontaneity of the show and the interaction with the audience. Tip--if you don't want to interact with Dame Edna (i.e. be picked on) avoid the first few rows. If you want to have a lot of fun--DO SIT in the first few rows! AND DON'T BE LATE!!!! 

A very nice bonus--Michael Walters' male singing voice was dynamite!

Roger S. 

Reviewer, Arlington MA




"I'm not usually a fan of tribute shows...But I may have to make an exception for Michael Walters...Walters makes you believe he is Dame Edna, from the glittery dresses and huge eyeglasses to the screechy, accented voice and curling lip that seems to snarl in reaction to audience comments. She talks about her celebrity friends and her strange relations with her three children, sings a bit and tries to help audience members with their problems. That is where Walters excels with a quick wit.

Walters always keeps the laughs coming."

-Jay Handleman

Theatre Columnist, Sarasota Herald-Tribune




"I just returned from two weeks in frozen New England and saw over 10 shows but the most fantastic and funny was called 'A Royal Audience" with Michael L. Walters as DAME EDNA.' A friend from Provincetown has told me about it, but I never, ever expected to see such professional, hilarious and perfection! Besides that he is a professional trained singer with a voice to die for. So my recommendation is do not walk but RUN FAST to get tickets to see this show anytime is performed in your area.

I laughed so much and hard that my ribs and stomach actually hurt." 



– Miguel Ranzi

Reviewer, Arlington MA



Astoundingly funny, sashaying across the stage to a full house who adored her. A highlight was a celebrity impersonaton involving Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Bill Clinton, Rodney Dangerfield and more too many to mention.

An astounding experience for first-timers was the Dame reverting to a full, rich impressive male voice. Her range underlined once again the wide talents of this performer. The audience screamed love and approval as she left the stage!

-Gary Beck

Beck's Best of Puerto Vallarta




WONDERFUL!!!! We laughed so much. We were down in front for Michael Walters as Dame Edna, and some of our group were 'selected' for some good natured jokes. We were NOT planted, but bought our tickets, showed up, and enjoyed all of Dame Edna's act. It is amazing how she interacts with the audience. Great voice too, really loved her singing, and humour!!!!"


– Ken and Doug

Puerto Vallarta Blog







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